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Use Cases

Tracking the location of goods
logistics industry
Monitoring the temperature of goods, e.g. drugs
To reduce the insurance premium, a pharmacy installs a nb-flow sensor to ensure the temperature is never outside the boundaries
logistics pharmaceutical
Recording the runtime of big engines
logistics industry agriculture automotive
Monitoring moisture on construction sites or basements
Monitoring body temperature of employees
In times of Covid-19, this allows a contactless body temperature for measurement.
construction industry
Monitoring the happiness of employees or customers
Using the nb-flow feedback sensor allows you to quickly gather information about the mood of employees
Track specific employee tasks
You would like to record how often expensive equipment is used. Just put a nb-flow button sensor next to it to gain insights.
industry agriculture
Track the consumption of utility meters
You would like to gain insights into your electricity, water or gas consumption to reduce your operating costs. Just add a nb-flow camera sensor.
industry agriculture