Sensor data analysis

With our backend platform, you can view the sensor data, setup custom alerts and integrate the data into your existing IT infrastructure.
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Our sensors

Currently, we offer the following sensors:
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Single button
  • Feedback buttons
  • Stacked leds
  • More will follow soon.
  • You can find our use cases here

Are you looking for a sensor that is not mentioned above? Send us an email.

Affordable hardware, minimal monthly cost

nb-flow gateway

We offer a compact gateway where you can connect our sensors via plug and play. Moreover you can choose a battery powered gateway with a solar panel for remote installations.

Monthly cost

You can chose a data plan, just like with your phone how. A bigger plan means you will more fine grained data from your sensors.

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Connectivity everywhere

We use NB-IoT which is a cellular protocol (like 4G or 5G) designed for low power sensors. Its advantages are:
  • It works well in sheltered areas where normal cellular devices fail. E.g. in basements, manufacturing plats, remote agriculture sites, etc.
  • No need to integrate the gateway into your company network. Your system admins will be happy.
  • Low power usage allows battery-operation for more than 1+ year (exact time depends on the sensor that is connected).
  • For now, the coverage is for Germany only.

Get started in 3 Steps

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  connect you gateway via USB.

Voilà, you are online

... and ready to use all of our IoT Platform functions:


gain valuable insights and improve the understanding of your observables


set alerts and get notified when sensor values exceed a threshold. Use our preconfigured alerts or create your own ones.


You want to integrate the sensor values and analytics with your existing infrastructure? We got you covered. We have already integrated our platform with many other services and our well documented API allowes you to pull raw data or aggregated analyses.

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Also if you want to rent the equipment instead of buying.

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Gateway Technical details

145x65x55mm with flange base plate
Wall, din rail, profile systems, pole, vehicle
Input voltage
Maximum power consumption (includes the sensors)
6W (1200mA)
Protection rating
Housing material
Intrusion detection
Low power ARM Cortex M4
Operating System
Zephyr OS with MCUboot bootloader
Secure over the air firmware update
Yes, included in all data plans
Sim card
Included in all data plans
Cellular communication
NB-IoT NB1 Band 8 (900MHz)
Communication security
Builtin (with option for external one)
Number of sensor slots
Sensor supply voltage
Maximum power consumption per sensor
2W (400mA)
Sensor communication
Available sensor cable lengths
20cm, 50cm, 100cm, 200cm